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"EqualGlance has been a breath of fresh air to my business. It has helped me be more efficient, organized, and has truly revolutionized the way real estate is done. Thanks, EqualGlance."

As a real estate admin, my transition from managing marketing activities on my own to using EqualGlance has been seamless. The platform is extremely user-friendly, making the learning curve very minimal. I was up and running, and easily creating and sharing marketing content in no time with 100% support from the EqualGlance staff.”

“EqualGlance is a great solution for our office. Not only did we get rid of many expensive systems, but now the agents and staff can access their marketing content anytime, from anywhere. Agents love it and are so relieved. Simple, cost effective, and it works!

As a real estate agency, it’s critical to have systems that are easy to use, reliable and efficient… I would recommend this system to anyone looking to make life easier without sacrificing functionality.”

Blowing past our competition is key to recruiting, and with EqualGlance we have been able to do that. The ease of this system has cut down on Admin costs and Agent time. Our agents & their assistants are now able to create all their marketing pieces directly in EqualGlance and they can access them from anywhere.”

“EqualGlance has been the easiest product rollout we’ve ever done. The interface is simple and intuitive, and even our least tech savvy agents and staff have been able to use the platform efficiently in a matter of minutes. For increasingly mobile agents, it ensures their marketing activities are performed and accessible wherever they are. And, the customer service from EqualGlance has been superior. They are responsive and thoughtful in addressing your needs.It’s refreshing to work with a tech company that gets how real people work.

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