Know Your Candidates

Engage, Impress & Screen Every Applicant Automatically.

Automate screenings & save time

Get to know candidates on video

Only interview qualified candidates


Instantly message 100% of your applicants to gather relevant information.
zero applicants overlooked.


Elevated experience improves candidate response rates by up to 30%
stand apart from competitors.


Save up to 80% of time by automatically screening and qualifying candidates
stop wasting your time.
with candidates.

EqualGlance Integrates With Your Favorite ATSs

Automatically engage and qualify every candidate who applies in your ATS

& More...

How It Works

These four steps will be handled automatically by EqualGlance and the qualified candidate will be sent to your inbox.


Applications Received

Integrates w/ ATS & Job Boards


Auto-Email/SMS 100% of Applicants

Includes Branded & Personalized
(auto follow ups)


 Automatically Screened & Qualified

Receive Answers + Video For Personality


Review & Rate

Sift Through Qualified Applicants w/ GLANCE MODE

Personalized Engage Page for Applicants

A single page dedicated to impress and screen candidates.

Custom Screening Questions

Qualify candidates by asking custom questions that reflect your company's culture

Candidate & Company Videos

Optionally request videos from candidates prior to qualifying them, and also share videos about your company & team.

Mass Messaging (Email & SMS)

Easily message one or all candidates at once via email or SMS or both simultaneously.

Simple Scheduling

Book follow-up interviews with the click of a button

Analytics and Reporting

Make data-driven hiring decisions to get the best qualified candidates to your company

Everyone Loves EqualGlance

Discover why so many recruiting professionals have already made the change

In-House Recruiters
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✓ Save 50% of time sifting through resumes

Communicate with candidates instantly

✓ Get to know Talent faster

Staffing Agencies
Love It

✓ Place candidates faster & improve recruiter performance

✓ Speed up the hiring process and save you time and money

✓  Manage candidates for multiple companies

Love It

 Transparency with candidates

✓ Pleasant hiring Experience

 Give every candidate the equal opportunity to shine!


Top Companies Automate with EqualGlance

Gain the undeniable advantage & join the top brands who trust & love EqualGlance

Filtering through & finding the best candidates is SO much easier with EqualGlance! It creates a pleasant hiring experience for all parties!

Getting started with EqualGlance was a piece of cake. They completely understood our needs and easily integrated with our current ATS!

EqualGlance has been a breath of fresh air to my business. It has helped me be more efficient, organized, and has changed the way we hire.